Join us for a love revolution that begins with you

here is a loving intelligence at the core of your being that can lead you to
the fulfillment of your destiny. Four words hold the secret to accessing it:

whatever arises, love that.

This free preview video from author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn is your first exciting step to:

  • Easing the overactive mind and relaxing the overstimulated nervous system
  • Learning to live with an open heart, no matter the outcome or circumstance
  • Making peace with your past, and healing core wounds through the power of love
  • Awakening your consciousness in the most heart-centered way

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Matt Kahn is an author, spiritual teacher, and highly attuned empath who bridges the mystical realms with the journey of awakening. Since experiencing a series of rare and spontaneous awakenings that began at the age of eight, he has been instrumental in transforming lives worldwide through his insights and heart­–centered teachings.